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Letter #36

Happy Friday everyone, Year-end: a time to extend a “Happy Holidays” to you all and wish you and your family health and happiness in the New Year. It’s also time to reflect on the year that was and to look ahead. A year as President; I believe it would be customary to tell you what […]

Letter #35

Happy Monday everyone, My apologies for the radio silence of late. A bend in my career path to a new start-up was just the excuse I needed to halt my letter writing campaign and give all of you a break in the process. Well, there’s some bad news for you … I’m back (yes, things […]

Letter #34

Good morning everyone, Sorry for the delay, this is well overdue now. The Board needs your input in order to get a bearing on what the TPC membership wants its Club to look like in the coming 3-5 years. Before looking forward with a survey (coming this week via email), let’s take a quick look […]

Letter #33

Happy Monday everyone, Here we are at the end of August; vacations have concluded, the kids are back in school, programs are re-launching around the Club and, Holy Toledo, it is the end of August and I suddenly realize I only have another 3 months to get a lot of Toledo done. Let’s change the […]

Letter #32

Happy Monday everyone, No “letter” this week. The first of what I envision to be several very brief electronic surveys will follow in the coming days as touched upon in last week’s letter. A few housekeeping items however: I. Don’t forget to sign up for August’s Third Thursday event this week (8/15). It’s paella night […]