Pool Rules and Policies

Lifeguards are to enforce the rules below. Any repeated or serious infraction of these rules can result in temporary suspension of swimming or loss of Membership. Pool polices are established by the Board of Governors, Swim Committee and TPC Management. All rules regarding member safety are at Lifeguards discretion.

  1. “Adult” swim may be called during peak hours for 10 minutes.
  2. Parent MUST be in water and in close proximity – if child does not have a fish. The lifeguard is the sole judge as to whether the child successfully completed fish test.
  3. No dunking, horseplay, and pushing people into the pool.
  4. No RUNNING or horseplay on the decks.
  5. First Aid equipment and lifesaving equipment are to be used only by qualified personnel.
  6. No diving from the shallow end.
  7. Food or beverages are not permitted in the locker rooms. No gum and no glass containers allowed in pool area.
  8. Lap swimmers have priority in the Lap pool at all times.
  9. Please shower before entering the pools.
  10. Lap swimmers must share lanes. To accommodate more swimmers per lane, use a circle swim pattern or stay to one side of the lane.
  11. Only lifeguards are allowed to sit in guard chairs.
  12. Profanity, improper behavior and vulgar remarks are prohibited.
  13. Bicycles, roller-blades, skates, etc are not allowed in pool deck areas.
  14. Radios without headsets are not allowed in the pool area.
  15. No swimmers under or on the pool covers at any time.
  16. No sitting or hanging on lane lines.
  17. No inflatable, noodles, or balls allowed in the Main and Lap pool.
  18. White towels are for locker room use only. Blue towels are for outside use.
  19. Kickboards are for lap swimming, swim lessons and swim team use only.
  20. Pets are not allowed on TPC property at any time.
  21. No clothing shall be left in the locker room overnight.