Swim Lessons

A few things to think about before your lesson:

  • Talk to your child about the upcoming experience. Talk and listen. Acknowledge any fears, and help your child overcome them.
  • Encourage your child.
  • If you’d like to visit the pool prior to taking your lesson, please contact us and we’d be happy to schedule a visit!
  • Encourage water play in the bathtub, including getting your child’s face wet.
  • Plan to have a swim suit, goggles, and towel for your lesson. Some kids prefer not to use goggles, but we encourage them as it’s more comfortable for kids to open eyes underwater.
  • Support the teacher/child bond.
  • Be aware that children develop at different rates. Age and physical maturation may affect how rapidly skills are acquired.
  • We value your input. If at any time you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with your instructor either before or after the lesson.
  • Encourage each advance however minor it may seem to you.
  • “Classroom” behavior will be expected. Please reinforce the teacher’s rules.
  • We specialize in getting to know your family. We realize that each child is special, with unique strengths and weaknesses. With this in mind, we will do our best to foster a relationship with your child that will enable him or her to succeed – both in and out of the pool. As a parent, you have special insight into your child’s personality. Please share that with us.
  • Crying is one of the distinct behaviors that we see in many young children that are just beginning swimming lessons. It is a normal response to a new situation. Unfortunately, the behavior may persist beyond the first day of class, which can be frustrating to you as a parent.

Some things to remember as a parent:


  • Acknowledge their fear and talk to them about it
  • Offer continued support and encouragement
  • Reinforce desired behaviors
  • Practice skills at home (bathtub or pool)

Do Not

  • Scold children for crying
  • Discontinue lessons altogether
  • Allow your anxiety to show through to your child

Registration for swim lessons is ongoing. Contact Kirsten at 415.937.5018 or kirstenf@tiburonpc.org to book the slot you’re after.