Volunteer Page

TPC’s water polo programs have come a long way in the past few years. Currently the coaching staff is working hard to help further the growth and development of our programs to ensure that our athletes get the best experience in the pool possible. The TPC water polo program has its sights set on becoming one of the best programs in Marin county, and we believe that with the help of all of our families that is a goal that is both attainable and worthwhile.

It takes a lot of energy and time for the coaches to plan seasonal outlines, training regimens, competition schedules, and daily practices, not to mention the actual time and energy spent on the pool deck for workouts and competitions. With a small and seasonal coaching staff, there is very limited capacity for the coaches to manage all the work needed away from the deck that make programs truly excel. This is where we need help from our families in taking on behind the scenes work such as planning/running non-competitive events, assisting with administrative tasks, driving carpool, and many other small but crucial jobs as well.

To ensure that the extra effort needed for the success of the club is made, TPC has created the below list of volunteer positions. We would like to encourage everyone to find a position which fits them and their area of interest/skill. The need for new jobs arises all the time, so if you have any special talents you would like to share with the club, we would love to hear about them! Thank you to all of the parents who have already volunteered, and thanks to those of you who are just jumping in to lend a hand. We need your help to reach our goals!

Many of the ways you can help are outlined below. The list covers both event-related volunteer jobs and jobs that are ongoing. Please discuss your interest in a particular position with the Head Water Polo Coach Rudy Kardos: rudyk3@yahoo.com

Key Year Round Positions – minimum commitment – quarter

TPC WP Camera Man – Will attend our competitive games and make a digital recording of these games on DVD disc or post it on digital media available for coach’s and team’s review

Newsletter Coordinator – Collect, format, and distribute the club’s quarterly newsletter. Work directly with the Coaches gather content for the newsletter and ensure that all programs are represented.

Social Media Coordinators – Manages and updates the TPC Water Polo Facebook page

Age Group Water Polo Registrar – Work with the bookkeeper and age group water polo staff to confirm that all program rosters are current and that all program members are registered with the club and appropriate governing national body. Follow up with any members who have incomplete registrations. Update computer databases as needed.

Team Gear Coordinator – Coordinate distribution of basic team gear and ensure that all order forms are up-to-date and accessible. Order any special team gear for specific events

Social Events Coordinators – Organize social events for the club, such as the Awards Banquet, New Years Party, and other “out of the pool” events for the athletes and their families.

Team Snack Coordinators – Organize parent volunteers to bring snacks and/or refreshments to tournaments for athletes.

Team Stats Coordinators – Maintain an up-to-date account of all club water polo stats for all age groups. Coordinate the distribution of all parka stars for age group athletes who reach special milestones.

Team Stats Volunteers – Record team stats at competitions and report them back to the Team Stats Coordinator. We will typically need 1-2 people per team for this role.

Travel Coordinators – Organize team trips, including travel arrangements and chaperones as required by the TPC Chaperone/Travel policies.

Team Photographers – Regularly photograph team events, such as games, dinners and fundraisers and send these to TPC webmaster

Special Projects – TBD by coaches: may include equipment set up, ordering special team gear, additional administrative support, etc.

Thank you for your support of TPC and all the time and energy you put into making TPC one of the best places to play water polo in Marin!