Cafe Update – August 20, 2012

Greetings from the TPC Bar & Grill!

Couple changes; couple announcements.

First off, this Wednesday the 22nd will not be a Pasta & Pizza Buffet, but we will offer some wine and pizza specials a la carte, so come join us for some great food and drink!

We have cleaned up the service/condiment stations in the café and at the poolside window. We really appreciate support from all the members as we continue this balancing act of finding a service structure that suits the diverse needs and wants of membership. The new “metro” rack in the café has everything you need for dining from napkins and silverware to ketchup and hot sauce. We appreciate that members have helped out by clearing their own tables recently. Unfortunately, we have had no great place for plates to go so they have ended up on the bar where other members are ordering food and drinks. So, we have also included a “self-bussing station” under this metro rack. In the interest of everyone’s experience, we ask that those members kind enough to clean up after themselves please use this space for their dirty dishes.

On a much more ENTERTAINING note, the Animal Guy makes his return to the TPC this Friday and we have a FANTASTIC spread of South of the Border favorites to go along. Confirm your attendance before Thursday and receive the discounted rate!

The weekend after that is Labor Day and we will be featuring BBQ, BBQ & more BBQ all weekend long! It starts on Friday, the 31st with the RETURN OF BINGO! Hosted by yours truly, the TPC Bar & Grill. Rumors have been circulating that if enough families confirm their attendance in advance, a very special celebrity host has agreed to make an appearance and draw the first game of Bingo!

The weekend culminates Monday when we run an All-American assortment of BBQ classics ALL DAY LONG. Buffet admission pays for both access to the buffet and kids items at the resurrected Poolside Bar & Grill. It’s going to be a fantastic send-off to summer and we look forward to seeing you all there!
As always, check your Wednesday “Week @ a Glance” for more details, menus & pricing! In the meantime, we hope you are all finding time to sit back and enjoy this last bit of a beautiful summer.


Christopher Haas
F/B Director
TPC Bar & Grill