TPC Café Survey Results

The Café/Social Committee appreciates your input and the time you put into responding to our survey. We will be discussing your feedback in all of our meetings. Our goal is to continually improve the member experience in the café. Based on the survey results, we know our members have a wide variety of opinions and preferences. While we know we cannot be all things to all members, we will strive for providing good service, quality and value everyday.

The Café/Social Committee

Survey Results

By the Numbers:

  • 156 members responded to the survey – including 23 senior members
  • Most members use the club café between 1 and 5 times per month
  • 83% ranked quality of food as the #1 priority and over half indicated that special events ranked as the #3 priority.
  • Overall café experience including service, staff, cleanliness and environment scored a 4 or 5 – 83% of the members were happy with the Café upgrades.
  • 61% of respondents would not pay more to have a more upscale menu
  • Half indicated that the Friday Night Buffets and or BBQ were not important
  • 61% suggested mobile app ordering/billing would be an asset

We heard you:

  • 80% indicated that one happy hour/social event would be welcome and useful as a means for satisfying the food minimum. Upcoming events include:
    • February 7 – Super Bowl Party
    • February 26 – Spaghetti Night – Youth Sports Camp Q & A
    • March 17 – St Patrick’s Day “corned beef/cabbage and beer” (Adults only)
    • March 18 – Family Friday Night dinner
    • March 26 – Easter Brunch
    • April 21 – TBD wine event
    • May 6 – Seis de Mayo Dinner
    • May 8 – Mother’s Day
    • May 30 – Memorial Day
    • June 19 – Father’s Day
    • Be sure to watch for additional events in the weekly newsletter
  • A high percentage of member responded they would like higher quality ingredients and different healthier food options than are offered currently. Chef Bren will begin to work with his purveyors to offer organic chicken and beef. There will be specials added regularly that may be added to the menu if membership response is favorable. Please look for specials and be sure to comment – to Chef or through the suggestion cards.
  • While 52% of respondents are indifferent about Friday Night Buffets/BBQs in the Café, we will be considering options for having different types of Family Friday Night Events in the café, including BBQs and buffets.
  • 74% of respondents prefer a range of alcoholic beverage options. To that end, we will be offering a selection of higher end wines and spirits. We are considering the purchase of a Coravin system to enable offerings of single glasses of high end wine. Stay tuned!
  • As a reminder to members, the TPC Staff along with the Café/Social Committee will be sending out reminder notices, to help remind members to use their minimums.
  • The Café/Social Committee is working on developing a Café Calendar of Events, to make members aware of happenings in the Café. We hope to have a full palate of events for all ages.
  • Finally, we did have 20 respondents say they are interested in participating in Café Focus Groups. We are working on developing ideas and will be contacting members to participate in our continual improvement process.

Last but not least, please keep in touch. We value your suggestions and appreciate members taking the time to contact us with ideas to improve the member experience. Feel free to email the Café Committee, or contact Nathaniel Parker at or 415.937.5007.