TPC Bar and Grill Q&A

Questions and Answers about the Café for the TPC Membership

This series of “Questions and Answers” is intended to provide more information to the TPC membership as it relates to the announcement about the change in management and operations of the Café.

Q: Will the feel of the Café change to a “corporate” atmosphere?
A: The use of a professional food and beverages company to manage and operate the Café is not intended to change the atmosphere of the Café to a more formal or corporate feel. We plan to retain the family and fun culture in the Café that we have all grown to know and appreciate. We have made this clear to each outside vendor with which we have spoken.

Q: Will there now be a food minimum for members to pay?
A: No. The shift in business model to using an outsourced Café was not predicated on a food minimum being implemented. A food minimum is not being considered at this time. Any food minimum in the future would require a vote of the membership.

Q: Will the bar remain open?
A: Yes. The bar at TPC will remain open.

Q: Will the Café hours be changed?
A: Yes. When the Café opens, it will be open for longer hours. The idea is that with increased usage as we move forward, the hours will be expanded further.

Q: Will the menu and prices at the Café change?
A: The menu will reflect an increased diversity of food choices and price. The food prices generally will be in line with the past and consistent with other choices in the area, however we anticipate a greater range of food alternatives as well as an increased number of lower cost items from which to choose. Ultimately, we expect to give the membership improved value for their money, factoring in quality and choice of food as well as customer service.

Q: Will there be new services offered?
A: Yes. The menu choices will be augmented with a “grab and go” menu. The new Café team will also implement a multi-point of sales system that we hope will provide more efficient service for members at busy times of the year.

Q: What can you tell us about who might manage and operate the Café going forward?
A: The leading candidate is a local restaurant and catering company that brings professional management, excellent services and great food choices. It has experience providing food and beverage services to private clubs.

Q: What about catering? Will members be able to use the outside vendor for private parties or events?
A: Yes. The vendor with whom we are in discussions has a premier catering company and will be available to the membership to work on catering events. Last week it did a successful catering at the Club for a TPC member.

Q: When will the Café reopen?
A: The team with whom we are speaking plans to start an immediate floor to ceiling cleaning of the Café once a formal agreement is reached. The cleaning and set-up will take about 3 weeks. With this schedule in mind, we are anticipating a Café opening in late February or early March. We will continue to keep the membership apprised on these opening details.

Q: Will the BOG provide further updates?
A: Yes. The BOG will continue to update the membership as things progress with the Café, including the Café’s opening date and the anticipated completion of ongoing discussions with the outside vendor that we intend to take over the management and operations of the Café.

TPC Board of Governors