Committee Directory

The role of a Tiburon Peninsula Club committee is to promote fun, acquaintance, safety and friendship among the members and guests.

Each committee has a committee chair. This person is in charge of seeing that the goals of the committee are fulfilled as well as reporting to the club’s officers the happenings and progress of the committee. This person also acts as member representation in areas of concern and relay suggestions to the Board of Govenors and management.

Committee Chairs have a big job through Tiburon Peninsula Club. They are entrusted with doing the “behind-the-scenes” work so TPC can be successful. It is a tough job to ensure that the clubs goals are implemented, and the committee chair needs to make sure that jobs within the committee are distributed evenly to each member.

2017 TPC Committee Chairs

Café/Social Committee
Luis Doffo, Chair
Luis Doffo, Liaison

Tennis Committee
Murray Dunn, Chair
Abby Harle, Liaison (Deb Odier, Chair of Women’s Leagues Subcommittee)

Fitness Committee
Jeff Foran, Chair
Christina Goebel, Liaison

Aquatics Committee
Rick Sichel, Chair
Rick Sichel, Liaison

House & Grounds Committee
Chip Moreland, Chair
Abby Harle, Liaison

Youth & Family Committee
Heather Johnson, Chair
Jackie Sretavan, Liaison

Marketing Committee
Christina Goebel, Chair
Christina Goebel, Liaison

Finance Committee
Justin DeTray, Chair

Ben Kilgore, Chair

Brian Bank, Chair