Facility Rental

2012 TPC Facility Rental Procedures

Contact: Giovanna Nicolini at Giovanna@tiburonpc.org

Rental Prices: Facility Rental Agreement and Guest List will be signed prior to the event and given to Giovanna. For any large party and or private party (50+ people), a $250 deposit is required. Deposit will be given back if there is no damage to the facility.

Wedding/Big Party (Clubhouse all north outside areas) $2000- rate for 5 hours, $125 for each extra hour

  • Party 10-50 people $250- rate for 5 hours, $75 for each extra hour
  • Party 50-100 people $500- rate for 5 hours, $75 for each extra hour
  • Party 100+ people $1000- rate for 5 hours, $75 for each extra hour

Board Room / TV Lounge: $25/hour (1-25 people)

Group Exercise Studio: $75/hour (plus instructor fee if applicable) (up to 180 people)

North Patio: $50/hour

Upper Deck: $50/ hour (up to 100 people)

Tot grass, patio room, “Kid’s Zone” and Youth Room: $40/ hour (1- 30 people)

All Grass Areas: $40/hour

It is preferred that members order food through the TPC Bar and Grill. Snacks and Cakes are ok to bring in with permission of The TPC Bar and Grill Food & Beverage Director, Chris Haas.

Pool Parties: Any member that wishes to have a pool party must submit a list of members and non-members that will be attending at least one week in advance. Liability waivers also need to be received for every non-member attending. You can give members a copy of the guest list and parent waiver form, both of which are liability forms for the members to bring back. Among the members we would also like to know which children have passed the fish test and which have not. Members should be aware that they will be charged $10 for each adult and $6 for each child in attendance as well as a possible $25/ hour lifeguard fee depending on the size of the party. We will be able to let them know what the guard fee will be only after we have their guest list. Members who reserve the pool for a party, do not have exclusive use of the pool.

  • Additional $25/ hour per lifeguard needed depending on amount of swimmers.

Outside Entertainment
For liability purposes, all outside entertainment must be approved by the TPC management.

Jumpies: For all jumpy rentals, Giovanna Nicolini will make the arrangements for you.

Bubble Machine and Cotton Candy: The TPC owns a bubble machine and cotton candy machine and may be reserved one week prior for a price of $35. We will provide standard materials, unless there are special requests.

Cancellation Policy: Events must be cancelled within 72 hours of the time of the event. If not, the member does not receive the deposit back. Cancelled events requiring food, lifeguards, manager on duty, or other services are subject to additional fees.