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Brad Burnes

BradBurnesWe would like to thank Brad for telling us a little about himself and we wish him all the best for his future!

Q. Making the USA Baseball Team as a 12 year old is an amazing achievement. How are you handling the fame and recognition so far?

The fame and recognition has been absolutely incredible and I’m just making the most of it when little kids walk up to me and say “Are you Brad Burnes?” I just take a deep breath and think of how much of an honor it is – I stay thankful and keep working hard.

Q. What positions did you play for the Tiburon Team and the USA team?

For the local Tiburon team who had an amazing run this summer (further than any Tiburon team ever) I pitched and played in the outfield. For Team USA I was the starting left fielder and batted fifth in the line up.

Q. What activities do you engage in at TPC?

TPC as been like a second home to me since I was little. At the TPC I love to swim, play basketball, and just hang out with friends. TPC provides a perfect experience for me to just chill with my bros and have fun.

Q. Have your parents or older brother helped you in sports (especially baseball)?

To be honest my parents know just about nothing about the game of baseball but they do everything they can to provide me with the materials I need to get better. On the other hand my brother Jack has been very influential on my baseball career by making me hit with him at least five times a week.

Q. What are your goals in baseball for the future?

My goals for my future baseball career are in this order:

  • Make 14/15 year old National Team
  • Commit to a division 1 college for baseball, and then from there
  • get drafted and head to the big leagues.

This can all be possible if I keep the work ethic and keep grinding.

Q. Do you have any other interests/hobbies that you would like to share with us?

Baseball takes up most of my time but it’s always good to have some other things to fall back on so I love to play basketball, do math, and take our family boat out. These are all very important because without them baseball would probably keep me pretty stressed. In all I’ve been able to balance everything and live a life I love.