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WillHunsingerWe want to thank Will for being the next Featured Member for TPC. I admire his efforts to reach his goals for doing Fifty push-ups every night and wearing a shirt quoting in the fitness center saying “On A Mission”.

1. How long have you and your family been members?

We have been members at the TPC since 2005, we joined shortly after relocating to the Bay Area from southern California.

2. What is your routine in the Fitness Center?

I try to get into the Fitness Center mornings around 7:30 am. My routine starts with weights and core strength training. Warm up is some stretching followed by pushups and crunches to get the blood flowing. Next, I alternate between upper body weights and core exercises, for example 1 set of “twisting wood chop” followed by 1 set of bicep curls, and repeat until I complete 3 sets of each. Next, bench press, followed by incline sit-ups, fly’s and lower back, etc. I finish my workout with 45 minutes of low impact cardio such as stairs or elliptical. I love the big stair master!

3. How many days per week with cardio and weights?

4 days per week of weights and cardio in the fitness center, I also do 3 days of cardio outside the gym – 7 to 9 mile trail runs each time.

4. What was your motivation and goals?

My motivation was I was fat, stressed, low energy and just plain unhealthy! I had a goal to get back to into trail running but needed to undo all the damage I had done through years of poor diet and lack of consistent exercise.

5. What were your results?

Changing my lifestyle was a conscious decision at the beginning of 2016 when I changed jobs and stopped traveling extensively for work. The results have been great – I have lost close to 30 lbs and totally changed my eating habits, I have tons more energy every day. It is amazing, now I actually get more grumpy on the odd days when I cannot get my workouts in rather than dreading going to the gym. I have had to buy a bunch of new clothes, but it’s been so worth it.