Anne Drew

One-on-One with Anne Drew

Q: How long have you been a member of TPC?
I’ve been a member since 1969 – 43 years.


Q: What does your routine consist of on a weekly basis?
I try to make at least 2 of the 3 Strength and Stability classes a week and do 2 workouts on a machine for about 1 hour – with a good book!

Q: How has your routine changed over the past couple of years?
The classes are fun so it’s nice to have the social part. But, I have been able to increase my ability to be a little more balanced and lift a little heavier weight.

Q: What goals have you achieved for yourself?
I feel better – have lost some weight and my clothes fit!!

Q: What are your highlights or special memories through the years of being a member of TPC?
The wonderful years we had with our children at TPC. It was – and looks like it is becoming again – a wonderful place for children where they can learn how to compete both in tennis and swimming, with caring adults as teachers and the example of their parents. The Fitness Department adds to the wholesomeness of the atmosphere at TPC with its well-trained courteous Staff. Thank you.

* * *

TPC Fitness Department wants to thank Anne for all the time she puts in at TPC.

Anne has made huge strides in her fitness routine and she deserves to be rewarded as Featured Member.