Art Ross

One-on-One with Art Ross

Art is still active and moving well at the young age of 93. And you probably wouldn’t guess his age from his appearance. Perhaps most important, Art still has a sharp mind and is in incredible shape. He has a superb attitude toward life and a great sense of humor.

Art was born in San Francisco and moved to Tiburon in the 1960’s. Art and his lovely wife, Joan, now reside in Mill Valley. The fashion drapery business he opened seventy-five years ago is still going strong.

What inspires you to stay healthy?

Feeling good and maintaining my healthy lifestyle. I need to win some money when I bet on my tennis and golf matches. I play tennis every Wednesdays with friends, Tom and Eva Schiff, and Bjorn Solberg, and I play golf every Wednesday.

What are your favorite activities?

Playing golf and tennis, and Dancing with my wife. We will dance to anything. You play the music, and we will dance.

To what do you attribute your good health at the grand age of 94 years?

Who’s that? I’m only 93 years old! I have good Scottish genes on my Mother’s side and Dad’s good Canadian genes. I always try to keep moving. Oh, and being married to my younger wife. I have also ridden my bike for years.

Do you have any goals for the Future?

Staying active…Hey, if you’re going to take a picture, you need to take a shot of these legs. These legs are what’s important!

Fitness Director Brent Rodenbeck thanks Art for his time and honesty during the middle of a tennis match. We can all learn from his experience what it takes to stay healthy and active into your 90s. We thank Art for his humor and positive attitude toward being the TPC’s Featured Member. He says he’s waiting for a check in the mail or Hall of Fame nomination but Featured Member will have to do for now.