Fitness Rules and Policies

Fitness Center Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday 5:30 am – 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday 7 am – 8 pm

Tiburon Peninsula Club Fitness Center is open 364 days a year. The Fitness Center is closed on Christmas day. Hours for holidays will be posted at the front desk of the Fitness Center and the Club House at least a prior week to the holiday.

Fitness Center Rules and Regulations

All members must sign in by swiping their TPC identification tag or giving their membership number to the fitness attendant at the front desk or the main check in desk prior to using the Fitness Center. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Shirts and athletic shoes are required at all times. NO BARE FEET, STOCKING FEET, FLIP FLOPS OR SANDALS. The only exception is in the studio where stocking feet may be required.

Fitness guests must be accompanied by a member and registered prior to using the Center. All guests must sign in with the date, time, and member’s membership number, printed member name and guest signature. The daily guest fee is $10 for adults and $6 for children (14-17 years old). Guests residing on the Tiburon Peninsula may only use TPC one-day a week. Failure to register guests will result in a $50.00 fine to the member.

Members and their guests must be at least 14 years of age to use the Fitness Center.

Young adults, 14-17 years of age, must attend a Fitness Center orientation with the Fitness Center Staff prior to using the Center. When you have completed the orientation, the fitness staff will provide you with an eligibility card confirming you are able to use the fitness facility.

Children under 14 years of age are not allowed in the Fitness Center at any time.

If you are using cardiovascular equipment and someone is waiting, please limit your workout to 30 minutes. If no one is waiting you may continue your workout for another 30 minutes. Please sign the wait list board with your name, date and time for the equipment you are waiting to use.

Use all equipment in a safe manner with common courtesy extended to all persons in the Fitness Center during your workout.

Abusive language and violent behavior will not be permitted at any time and the offending party shall be asked to leave.

If you desire to change a TV or music channel, please be sure no one is currently watching or listening to that particular channel. Please have the fitness desk attendant make the change. Please do not bring TV controls to the exercise machine you are working out on.

Please deposit workout towels in the dirty towel hamper on your way out of the Fitness Center.

As a courtesy to your fellow members, please use the spray bottles and towels provided to wipe down the equipment when you have finished.

Bicycles are not permitted in the Fitness Center. Please park your bike in the rack located outside the Center. If you don’t have a lock, consult the fitness attendant in order to sign out for one. Please return the lock.

  • Rack your weights
  • Remove added weights to equipment when you have finished.
  • Replace mats, small equipment, balls, roles, bands, domes, etc.
  • Do not post announcements on the walls or windows of the Fitness Center.

These rules and regulations are for your safety and consideration of TPC members.

All members and their guests who use the Fitness Center are using the Center and the equipment at their own risk. TPC is not responsible for improper use of the equipment.