Schedule Your Massage

To book a massage contact the Fitness & Spa desk at 415.937.5017.

Tiburon Peninsula Club offers a variety of massage styles: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, and Reflexology. Reserve your massage by calling the Fitness desk.

Reasons to Get a Massage

Reason #1: Pain relief. Doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists understand massage can provide pain relief. In the hands of a skilled massage therapist, someone suffering from chronic pain or certain injuries can experience immediate relief.

Reason #2: Easing tension. Physical tension caused by extended standing or sitting, or simply working your muscles very hard, can be relieved with a massage. If you can’t afford a weekly massage, opt for a special spa day after a demanding workout when you can splurge and get the works, including a full body massage. You’ll feel so good afterwards that you won’t put off cleaning the basement so long the next time.

Reason #3: Relaxing Inflamed Muscles. If you’re active, chances are there will be times when you overdo it or perhaps pull a muscle that has not warmed up property. Consider a massage to ease the tension and soreness of muscles damaged by repeated stress. Check with the doctor and let the masseuse know beforehand if you have a muscular injury.