Massage Staff

  • Florence Landau

    Massage Therapist; Sculpt Instructor

    Florence Landau is a familiar face to many of you because she was raised in Tiburon and learned to swim in this very club over 30 years ago. She was certified as a massage therapist in 1996 and has been giving massage at TPC since the opening of the massage department in 1996. She practices….
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  • Bonnie Bowring

    Massage Therapist

    “I have always been inspired by the healing powers of the human body and over twenty years ago I was guided to become involved in bodywork and healing. My training and continuing education have been in sports and trigger point therapy, cranial sacral, myofascial release and deep tissue techniques. This background and a keen interest….
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  • Julien Landau

    Massage Therapist and Martial Arts Instructor

    Julien Landau grew up in Tiburon spending many summers at the TPC and learning to swim in these very pools. He received his CMT certification from Alive & Well in 2006, specializing in Swedish and Shiatsu Massage. Before his massage training, he received B.A.’s in Psychology and Religious studies from UCSC, as well as an….
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