July 22, 2017

Dear Members:

While summers are generally slower at the Club, this one has proven to be just the opposite. I have important updates to share.

New Guidelines for Youth Behavior

The Board and Club Management are rolling out new behavior guidelines for our most precious (and sometimes challenging!) resource, our youth. These guidelines reinforce our Club’s Values of building community and treating everyone with respect and integrity. We ask that every Member reads the Youth Behavior Guidelines, as the Club has had ongoing issues with unsupervised youth damaging Club property and treating Staff or other Members with disrespect. The newly approved guidelines are now part of our existing Member Guidelines and are posted on the website here.

Guidelines menu

Guidelines menu


The Guidelines state: Children under age eight are not allowed on the TPC campus unattended. Children under age eight must be accompanied at all times by either a parent, a responsible adult, or a designated babysitter, who is responsible for the behavior and safety of the child. The TPC Staff is not responsible for the supervision of any children unless a child is participating in a Club-sponsored event during which supervision or childcare is specifically provided. The process and consequences for not honoring this and other Member expectations are included in the Member Code of Conduct.

Happiness Cards now available!

To promote a great Member experience, the Club has implemented several initiatives developed by our Culture Action Team (“CAT”), including recognition for superior staff service. Now Members—that’s you—can submit a “Happiness Card” to tell us whenever you’re pleased with any of our Staff. Submitting a card is a great way to offer performance feedback and encourage more of what makes you happy. We need to know when and how the staff delivers a great Member experience! You’ll find these cheerful, bright yellow Happiness Cards located at the Front Desk and the Fitness Center.

General Manager remains on leave of absence

General Manager Jerry Pang continues his medical leave of absence as he begins healing from last week’s successful back surgery. No one knows how long Jerry will be out; the body heals on its own schedule. Please join the Board in continuing to wish him a speedy recovery.

Nancy Shapiro to support Club management

The Board has approved Board Member Nancy Shapiro’s taking a short-term leave of absence from her Board seat to help Club management on a part-time basis. With General Manager Jerry Pang on extended leave, Club Management has been spread thin. While our Staff, especially Acting GM Curtis Lew and Acting Assistant GM Juliana Moreno, are working very hard, two people cannot effectively do the work of three.

Nancy is supporting the Acting and Assistant Acting GMs to manage the Club. Nancy’s commitment reflects how much she cares about the Club. During her eight-year tenure as an active Club volunteer and Board Member, Nancy has a developed a broad understanding of how the Club works. She has served on the Fitness, Café, Youth, House & Grounds, Challenger and Nominating Committees and is first to raise her hand when volunteers are needed. What’s more, she has run a $50m business with 300 employees. Please join us in thanking Nancy for taking on this important role.

Status of Lower Tennis Court Project

The Board voted this past week to proceed with the Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) for the Lower Court Project. The EIR will give us a much better understanding of the project’s final costs and best way to proceed. We anticipate the process will take four to six months.

The Board, Curtis, and I welcome your comments or suggestions.

Best regards,

John Parsons

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