Youth Guidelines

Tiburon Peninsula Club Policy for Youth Behavior
The Tiburon Peninsula Club requires courteous and respectful behavior from all of its Members, including youth. As with all members, Management reserves the right to suspend any child whose behavior is disruptive to the enjoyment of the facility by the other Members.

Expectations of Youth, Parents, or Guardians

Children under age eight are not allowed on the Tiburon Peninsula Club campus unattended. Children under age eight must be accompanied at all times by a parent, responsible adult, or a designated babysitter, who is responsible for the behavior and safety of the child. The TPC Staff is not responsible for the supervision of any children unless a child is participating in a Club-sponsored event where supervision or childcare is specifically provided.

Management’s Expectations of Youth Members’ behavior is consistent with that of ALL Members:

  1. Behave respectfully with Staff, Members, and Guests of the Club.
  2. Show respect for the Club’s facilities and resources, including furniture, equipment, tennis courts, pools, and locker rooms. (For example, no standing on furniture, no throwing cushions, no running on pool deck, no hanging on shower curtains or locker doors.)
  3. Use appropriate language at all times.
  4. Always check-in themselves and their guests at the Front Desk.
  5. Dry off before entering the Café (no shirt, no shoes, no service).
  6. Place all backpacks on the designated rack in Café.
  7. Alert Staff members promptly when spills occur in the Café, patio area, basketball courts, pool deck, or other non-grass areas.

Pick and clean up after themselves in all Club areas, including outside spaces.