Guidelines, Policies & Procedures

Tiburon Peninsula Club has various policies for the use of the Club’s facilities, for its programs, and for non-members as guests and program participants, which you may review below.

Non-Member Participation in Programs

Non-members participating in programs may arrive up to ten minutes before the scheduled start of the program and should depart within 15 minutes after its end. Non-member usage is limited to the program and appropriate use of the bathrooms and locker room to change and shower. The fees charged non-members for program participation include a non-member surcharge.


  • Please register ALL guests at the Front Desk. Guests will be required to complete and sign the Guest Registration Sheet.
  • Guests are $10.00 per day per adult and $6.00 per day per child (17 and under)
  • Members must register extended house guests prior to their arrival. Forms are completed with Member Services.
  • Member’s account is charged for extended House Guests/Sitters at $25.00 per week per adult and $15.00 per week per child.
  • Each Membership is allowed two (2) free guests per month.
  • A Non-Member is allowed to be a guest no more than two times per month.
  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Any guest who violates our policies may be refused future guest privileges.
  • Members are responsible for any damage to TPC properties caused by their guests.
  • Your guest has the same facility-use privileges as your membership dictates.
  • Failure to register your guest as required will result in a $50.00 charge to your membership account; continued failure to properly check in your guests may result in your membership submitted to the Grievance Committee.

TPC Guidelines and Policies

You may download and print any of the above documents. Downloads are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have Acrobat, you may download it for free.