One-on-One with Susan Thompson, First Republic Bank

This week’s “One on One” is with our club banker, Ms. Susan Thompson with First Republic Bank. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Susan last year when the club refinanced their loan. One thing led to another and Susan played a lead role in getting First Republic Bank aboard to sponsor the $100,000 First Republic Bank USTA Pro Circuit Challenger. Please stop by and say hello to Susan when you are here watching the Challenger!

Q: We are really excited that First Republic Bank is onboard again as the title sponsor of the $100,000 First Republic Bank USTA Pro Circuit Challenger, what are your thoughts on the upcoming event?

I’m very excited to once again see some outstanding tennis & support the California Mentor Foundation. I always enjoy meeting more members at the TPC as well as working with them on this event.

Q: Did you enjoy the caliber of tennis last year? What were some of your favorite moments?

The tennis was outstanding including the Pro Am doubles event where the TPC members demonstrated their tennis skills. (First Republic Bank players weren’t too bad either.) However, my favorite moments were watching the younger ball boys & ball girls… cute!

Susan Thompson and Sam Querrey

Q: What motivated you to get into banking? How long have you been in the banking world and how long have you been with First Republic?

I have been in banking since the prime rate was 16% and with First Republic for 5 years now. How did I get into banking? I attended a private college in Napa Valley for my first two years of college, which is when I fell in love with the Bay Area. After finishing college in Southern California, with a BS in Business, I wanted to return to this beautiful area. The best opportunities were in Banking; hence my career.

Q: Rumor has it you took a tennis lesson not too long ago, how did it go?

Actually, it went pretty well. I have not played tennis for over 20 years, but I did play non-competitively in college, and I’m pleased to report that the muscle memory is still there. However, after an hour of playing, I did have a lactic acid reaction, but it won’t stop me from taking another lesson soon.