Letter #20

Happy Monday everyone,

There’s next to no PresLetter today; I’ve been on the wrong coast for the past week. There is a reminder however: your Tennis Committee meets this Wednesday night, 5/8, at 6pm – like all Committee meetings at your Club, this one is open to all members to come listen in on and participate in, if you’d like. Please consider stopping by (the Bar & Grill will be open, grab a beer and/or a bite and sit in).

We had two comments from members this week that were such a departure from the kinds of comments we’ve had in the past that they both warranted a reprint below. They were very complimentary to some of our staff personnel. A culture change perhaps? Who knows but I sure hope it’s a trend that gains some momentum. It sure would be nice to have this in a blog format … still working on it.

That’s all for now … I hope you have a great week ahead.

All the best,


Loving the letters, feel super informed which is always a good thing!
Wanted to plug Luis and his staff for making great club food with a smile on their faces. We really are lucky to have them.

Additionally Kristen in Aquatics has not only taught my daughter to swim more than anyone has in her four years, but she goes above and beyond in getting her back to childcare after her lesson. She truly loves her job and makes the south pool a happy place to swim.
Really appreciate all you are doing. Our home away from home is better than ever!

I wanted to let you know what an incredible event Mark put on last night! My parents (Members), brother, my husband & I thoroughly enjoyed the band, ambiance and delicious food! The FUN is BACK at TPC! Mark has a great ability to cater to people who appreciate gourmet food, meat lovers, vegetarians and gluten-free needs. Mark and his team worked so hard and fast to deliver excellent customer service to the overwhelming crowd!

The jumpee, left over from a party needed to be supervised, as well as kids climbing the hill. Overall, the kids had fun playing outside in a safe, contained environment. Members are raving about last night’s experience in the Fitness Center this morning!

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