Letter #11

Happy Monday everyone,

Welcome back ski week-ers, I hope your travels, wherever they were, were happy ones. This week’s note is brief. The February Board meeting is tonight at 6:30pm, and like all committee meetings, it’s open to all members. Some good topics are on the agenda regarding a number of committees; café, house & grounds, tennis, social – come on down and share your views. For your calendar, next month’s BOG meeting is March 25 (typically the 4th Monday of the month). There are no other committee meetings this week.

We’re trying to increase the Club’s communication abilities with its members. The weekly bulletin is sent each Monday to approximately 1063 email addresses. On average, 472 of those emails are opened – pretty good – however, only 85 of the 472 (18%) readers click through to the additional content on the website. One explanation for the low click-through rate may be the web logon procedure. If you don’t know your logon info, please email Malcolm at malcolml@tiburonpc.org and he’ll get you set up and going as quickly as you can say … “I love the Tiburon Peninsula Club“.

That’s all here. Next week’s letter should have some results coming out of tonight’s meeting along with a lengthy introduction to next month’s member vote for the Lower Tennis Court Project – should be a fun one. In the meantime, I hope you have a great week.

All the best,

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