Letter #2

Greetings everyone,

The holiday season notwithstanding, there’s a lot to do around the Club this month; there’s next year’s budget, a vote to get out in order to secure membership approval for the lower court project and, of course, the Café. Merry Christmas! Let’s focus on the first of those three in this week’s letter and leave the two others for later this month.

Executive Summary

To save time for those of you who are not inclined to read the background that follows, here’s the exec sum: effective 2/1/13, regular member dues will rise 2½%, senior dues will rise half that. For the regular member, that’s a monthly increase of $5.15 and $2.58 for seniors. This is in line with the core inflation rate for the past 12 months and is primarily attributable to employee benefit costs rising.


The TPC works on a financial model where dues pay only for the ongoing daily operation of the club separate from the different activity services (Swim, Tennis, Fitness, Youth, Café). The working assumption beneath the model is that a member’s monthly dues payment should allow them to use any area of the club facility up to the point where they may want an activity specific service (swim lessons, tennis instruction, fitness class, summer camp or dinner are all examples of what dues do not cover). Keeping the lights on, the water flowing, members services servicing and management are all covered by dues.

What kind of value are we getting for our dues dollars as members of the TPC? Are they expensive or cheap? There are several ways to answer this, let’s look at local club comparables as one way; what are the dues payments at other local clubs and what do they get for their dues dollar?

Monthly dues for 2012 (dues only, ex-debt retirement assessments):

  • Rafael Racquet Club – $154
  • Harbor Point – $195
  • Lagunitas – $205
  • TPC – $205
  • Marin TC – $208
  • Scott Valley – $215
  • Rolling Hills – $251
  • Belvedere Tennis Club – $275

While TPC falls squarely in the middle of the pack, within a fairly tight range (+/- $10) except for three outliers, there isn’t a club on this list that’s half the facility of TPC (3+ pools, 12+ courts, and a fitness center larger than most clubhouses on the list). The same dues dollar is covering the cost to operate a facility that’s twice the size of what comparable dues dollars are covering. From that perspective, TPC members are getting reasonable value; by a factor of two. This is the direct result of superior day-to-day Club management.

Next week – we cover the Café. I hope you have a great week. As always, please do not hesitate to offer a comment (via reply until the a new website upgrade later this month – for now use my email at jmiketierney@gmail.com)

All the best,

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