Letter #22

Dear members,

While it is customary for me to begin these letters with “Happy Monday everyone” nothing could be further from the truth this morning. Over the weekend we learned that Jerry Pang is very ill. Jerry was admitted into CPMC on Saturday after an MRI revealed a 3cm tumor in his brain. Immediate surgery was postponed while steps were taken to reduce the swelling which was causing too much pressure. A CT scan yesterday revealed another tumor in his lung. His medical team believes this is the original site of the cancer and will biopsy it today. That’s as much as we know.

You can’t put Jerry on a pedestal, he’s already there, involuntarily, for as long as I have known him and probably all his life. He’s just one of those guys. He’s there for the same reasons we elevate others to that rarefied space; dedicated, caring, kind, self-effacing, without a malicious bone in his body. Most unique about Jerry though is that mixed in with all of these fine qualities, he’s also one of the fiercest competitors on the planet. A rare breed indeed, he lives to win.

He has said several times this weekend: “I will beat this!” There’s nothing in his 63 years that suggests otherwise. Please put Jerry on your front burner and extend your best thoughts and prayers (you can leave a message below). Hopefully, as a community, we move the needle and help him along his way back. I’ll keep you posted.

Godspeed Jerry.

With warmest regards,



  1. Larry Allen says:

    Dear Jerry, and Mary,

    I didn’t realize until your mass “thank you” message arrived yesterday from the Cal Club that this is your preferred channel to receive encouragement, etc. I had instead asked Tim for an email address to contact you guys directly, but didn’t hear back until your message arrived at the CTC.

    Anyway, belatedly, please let me add my best wishes and encouragement to the vast number you’ve already received. From your comments, and some of those posted, it seems that you’re quite likely to be back on the court soon…..So do maintain that positive attitude that is so helpful for a good recovery. Obviously, as time goes on, if there is anything you need help with, please do call or write. My phone is still 510-339-0282 if you no longer have a CTC directory….:-)….
    All the best for a continued rapid recovery,
    Larry Allen

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