Letter #22

Dear members,

While it is customary for me to begin these letters with “Happy Monday everyone” nothing could be further from the truth this morning. Over the weekend we learned that Jerry Pang is very ill. Jerry was admitted into CPMC on Saturday after an MRI revealed a 3cm tumor in his brain. Immediate surgery was postponed while steps were taken to reduce the swelling which was causing too much pressure. A CT scan yesterday revealed another tumor in his lung. His medical team believes this is the original site of the cancer and will biopsy it today. That’s as much as we know.

You can’t put Jerry on a pedestal, he’s already there, involuntarily, for as long as I have known him and probably all his life. He’s just one of those guys. He’s there for the same reasons we elevate others to that rarefied space; dedicated, caring, kind, self-effacing, without a malicious bone in his body. Most unique about Jerry though is that mixed in with all of these fine qualities, he’s also one of the fiercest competitors on the planet. A rare breed indeed, he lives to win.

He has said several times this weekend: “I will beat this!” There’s nothing in his 63 years that suggests otherwise. Please put Jerry on your front burner and extend your best thoughts and prayers (you can leave a message below). Hopefully, as a community, we move the needle and help him along his way back. I’ll keep you posted.

Godspeed Jerry.

With warmest regards,



  1. Larry Allen says:

    Dear Jerry, and Mary,

    I didn’t realize until your mass “thank you” message arrived yesterday from the Cal Club that this is your preferred channel to receive encouragement, etc. I had instead asked Tim for an email address to contact you guys directly, but didn’t hear back until your message arrived at the CTC.

    Anyway, belatedly, please let me add my best wishes and encouragement to the vast number you’ve already received. From your comments, and some of those posted, it seems that you’re quite likely to be back on the court soon…..So do maintain that positive attitude that is so helpful for a good recovery. Obviously, as time goes on, if there is anything you need help with, please do call or write. My phone is still 510-339-0282 if you no longer have a CTC directory….:-)….
    All the best for a continued rapid recovery,
    Larry Allen

  2. Hey Jerry,

    I know your spirit is strong and your soul has so much more to give.
    You are one of the best people Nikki and I have had the honor to get to know.
    Be tenacious during this tough time and get well my friend.

    John Marx and Nikki Beach
    Presidio Golf Club

  3. Mike Katz says:

    Jerry, all my best for a speedy recovery. I appreciate the advise, counsel, and many contributions you’ve made to Alpine, both as GM and continuing while I was on the AH board. I know you’ll be back at it soon. … Mike

  4. Liz Canady says:

    Jerry –
    Wishing you all the best for a quick recovery – feel better soon and we are looking forward to seeing you and your great smile back at the TPC!
    Thinking of you – The Canady Family

  5. Tracy Houk says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Tracy Houk

  6. Maggie Murphy says:

    Jerry, Sending you good thoughts and many prayers will be said for you. Can’t wait til you are back with us at TPC.

    Maggie, Nicole, and Lauren

  7. Anne Kerwin Payne says:

    Jerry – if u need a good laugh please think about how Marian k. Wore the same tennis shoes for five years. I am thinking about you and send ong my sparky, fighting energy your way! You, Mary and Andre are in my thoughts and prayers! Love, Anne

  8. The Howe Family says:

    Hi Jerry,
    We were very saddened to hear about your health. All of us wish you a full and speedy recovery. You always showed us such kindness at Alpine. We miss the warmth you brought to the club, as well as your friendship and bright smile! We will hold good thoughts for you and your family.

    Jacqueline, Bradley, and Ally Howe

  9. Leslie Airola Murveit says:


    So sorry to hear this sad news. We’ve missed you at Alpine since the day you left, but since I grew up playing tennis at TPC, I was happy that you were joining a great club where I had so many nice memories. You are in my thoughts and prayers,


  10. Patty Turnquist says:

    The Turnquist Family is sending you all our positive thoughts and energy for a full recovery. God Bless! Patty, Don and Eric

  11. John & Dawn Owen says:

    Dear Jerry:
    We hold you in our prayers and healthful good wishes for your journey to full recovery. We are looking to seeing you at TPC soonest.
    John & Dawn Owen

  12. Stephanie Savides says:

    Jerry, I think the last time I played a set of singles was against you at Alpine years ago….and then many years before that over at the Cal Club! I become exhausted just at the thought of you scrambling and running down every ball… never giving up! And always with the nicest demeanor and smile on your face. If anyone can beat this, it’s you. All my best wishes and thoughts are with you!!

  13. The Carr Family says:

    Jerry. The Carr family wishes you a speedy recovery. You are so strong and we know you will fight it. Please let us know if you need anything. We look forward to seeing you at the TPC soon. Get well!! Love, Chris, Karen, Justin & Ethan Carr

  14. Dear Jerry, we are thinking positive thoughts for your speedy recovery. Can’t wait to see you walking into the gym at the TPC. Jill and Andy

  15. M.J. Miller says:

    Dear Jerry. John and I send you positive energy as you confront this challenge. We hope to hear some good news about you soon. Thanks for all you did for us at Alpine Hills. M.J. Miller

  16. sue crane says:

    Dear Jerry, I think of you often and our wonderful conversations at Alpine. I am wishing you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you again, very soon. My best to Mary… Fondly, Sue Crane

  17. Teresa Godfrey says:

    You may have left Alpine Hills physically but we still think of you often.
    With this news, we’ll be thinking positive thoughts and hope for your speedy recovery. Our thoughts are with you and your family as you face this battle. Good luck to you all.
    Teresa, Gary, Ben & Joshua

  18. Tom Tebben says:

    Dear Jerry,

    We are sending positive thoughts to you. Wishing you the very best in your battle.


  19. Alison Bowden says:

    Jerry –
    I was stunned to hear the news when I came in today. Keep up that positive spirit!

  20. Ginna Milan says:

    Dear Jerry. You always grey me with the biggest smile!! I am sending you many smiles, prayers and much love. Ginna

  21. Annelies Atchley says:

    Dear Jerry, I send you my best thoughts, best wishes and loving thoughts for an easy and fast recovery. We miss you at the TPC and think of you. Come back soon.
    Big hug, Annelies

  22. Joan gordon says:

    Dear Jerry, thinking of you and Mary, and wishing you a full recovery.
    David sends his wishes for your good
    My very best,

  23. Dear Jerry,

    We are praying for you and know that you will beat this. We want to see you back at TPC soon. Get better and stay strong!

    Our best wishes,

    Samantha and Pat Walravens

  24. Susan and Rich Sundberg says:

    All of our good thoughts are with you and your family. Hope to see you up and about soon.
    Susan and Rich Sundberg

  25. Curtis Lew says:

    When I heard you were in the hospital, I was in shock and disbelief. I said to myself, “How could this happen to such a fierce competitor?” But, I know it will be that edge you have that will help you beat this. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, Mary and AP. We are here for you and your family. Anything you need, please do not hesitate to ask.
    Curtis, Andrea and kids

  26. Wylie and Judy Sheldon says:

    Jerry, Our thoughts and prayers and best wishes are with you and Mary and Andre. Keep faith and you will conquer this adversity.

  27. Larry Axtell says:

    Dear Jerry,
    From a guy and his family who benefited so much from your management of the CTC, Lucretia and I wish you a winning outcome! Our thoughts are with you, Mary and Andre’ too. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you through this.
    Larry and Lucretia Axtell

  28. Dave Howes says:

    Jerry, it was so good to see your smiling face last night. I just spoke to Bob and he gave me some very encouraging news. With all the positive thought pouring your way, nothing but good can be the result. Know that this will be a group effort. Dave and Janet

  29. Sally rosenblatt says:

    Hi Jerry
    Your kindness and competitive spirit will carry the day. I loved working with you to make the Cal Club a special place. Feel well and love the healers in your life. They and your family will get you through.
    Sally and Toby

  30. nancy leavens says:

    Your community is thinking of you and Mary. I know that we will see your smiling faces at the CTC when you drop by to say hello. With love and healing thoughts.

  31. M.J. Thomas says:

    Hi Jerry ,
    Sending my thoughts and prayers your way for a speedy recovery.
    Big hugs for you and Mary,

  32. Kathy and Paul Bissinger says:

    Jerry: Paul ad I are thinking of you and know you are a fighter. We are part of your fan club and send you good vibes for beating this. All the best from both of us.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dear Jerry my mother at 78 just had lung surgery for cancer and they cut it out completely best to have it completely taken. she didn’t have to have chemo or anything.

    And another friend successfully had a tumor taken out of her brain sure you’ll be fine it’s not like in the old days when they didn’t know what they were doing

    See if you can have someone there when you check out of the hospital it wasn’t presented very clearly to us that there was a (being taking care of the situation in between) the hospital and home. Where she could’ve gotten better care than me trying to take care of her on my Own at home.

  34. Tim and Barbara Arnstein says:

    Jerry you and Mary are the best. I know and pray you will beat this!

    Fondly, Tim and Barbara

  35. Fee family says:

    You are a large part of what has made the Cal Club a place of health and happiness (and great tennis!) for our family. We send you our very, very best.

  36. Lois Arnstein Roth says:

    Dear Jerry: All my good thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery go to you and Mary and your son.

    Fondly, Lois Arnstein Roth, Cal Club

  37. frank schultz says:

    dear jerry– distressing news. i had a 2.5 cm brain tumor 20 years ago and came back from it. so can such a nice guy as you. we at the CTC miss you and wish you a complete recovery. — frank schultz

  38. Jim Frolik says:

    Jerry – You’re truly one of the best and I’m pulling for you. You made the Cal Club a special and fun place for me and lots of others growing up. You even hired me for my first job there! If there’s anything we can do for you (and Mary) please let me know!

    With much affection –
    Jim Frolik (and family)

  39. Jerry – your heart and soul are in the Club that I now humbly manage. With all the power of the love for you, throughout the membership and staff of the CTC – our prayers will join forces with your will to beat this. We are all betting this is match you can win!
    Tim Odenweller

  40. Gareth Fong says:

    Jerry & Family,
    We are praying for a speedy recovery. You have too many great matches ahead of you. I am available for anything you need.
    Best wishes,
    Gareth Fong & Family

  41. Pam Stroud says:

    Jerry–Gordy and I are thinking of you, and getting ready for a mixed doubles rematch.

  42. Joel Brewer says:

    Jerry, Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I have met and had business with you many times and as described above, are thought of with the highest respect and fondness. You have a lot of courage and we all here at Public Works salute you and pray for your recovery.

    Best, Joel

  43. barbara Meislin says:

    We have never really met but wish we had. Holding you in my healing prayers. Purplelady

  44. The Timberlakes says:

    Stay strong, Jerry. Wishing you a very speedy recovery!
    The Timberlakes (from the Cal Club and TPC)

  45. Donna and Sylvan Kline says:

    Only our most positive and heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you, Jerry. It brought back memories to us when only 2 years ago our daughter, Joanne, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at CPMC. We know you will have only state of the art care. My husband, Sylvan has known Jerry since he was the manager at the California Tennis Club in SF, and Syl was a member before coming to the TPC. It’s been a long and loyal friendship. Sylvan has only the highest regard for Jerry and wishes him our warmest and most positive good wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Much Love to Jerry and his family
    Donna and Sylvan Kline

  46. Ellen Parsons says:

    Jerry: We Parsons are just one of MANY, MANY families who plan to be there for you and your family, rooting for and supporting you all through your journey of treatment and recovery. The TPC Community misses you and is here for you!

  47. Joan Ross says:

    Dear Jerry,

    Your name will be entered at our Church so every Sunday the entire congregation will pray for your recovery.


  48. Pat Ascher says:

    Doug and I have been so impressed with your work at the TPC. We wish you Godspeed with this illness and know that you will give the recovery your “all.”
    Come back to us soon.
    The Aschers

  49. Jennifer Shepard says:

    Jerry, I’m sending you prayers and best wishes for a complete recovery. The whole community is behind you. I’ve always enjoyed seeing you at the TPC and look forward to seeing you back there soon.

  50. Jeff Foran says:

    I wish Jerry the best. Working with him on the Fitness Committee has been a joy as well as very productive. Mike’s note is right on the money.

    Godspeed Jerry,

    Jeff Foran

  51. Rick Cattell says:

    Jerry, you may be the best thing that has ever happened to this club. I believe you: you can beat this! Mike is right, you are the nicest fierce competitor I know. Our prayers are with you as well.

    Rick Cattell and family

  52. Jan Pinkston says:

    Scaring word, “Cancer.” I’d like to offer encouragement to get beyond the fear based on experience with family members who have beat cancer. With today’s modern medicine, incredibly dedicated medical staff and the research to support the healing power of positive psychology, miracles do happen. Believing in the power of prayer for others, I will pray for Jerry and his family.

  53. Jennifer Barnes says:

    So saddened to hear the news. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jerry and family! If he fights this like he plays tennis, then watch out! He will come through this with strength and grace. Wishing him a quick recovery.

  54. elizabeth moffet says:

    I have enjoyed getting to know you through the swim committee meetings as well as other encounters at the club. You are a terrific manager and I admire your thoughtful approach to issues discussed concerning the club. Even when anxiety rises and rancor ensues you maintain a calming influence and steady hand. I wish you the best treatment and outcome in your journey forward.
    Fondly Elizabeth

  55. Emmett O'Donnell says:

    Jerry, not only have you been a wonder leader of the TPC, but such a valued member of the Tiburon peninsula community. On behalf of all the residents of Tiburon, we send you our love and good wishes for your full recovery.

    Emmett O’Donnell
    Mayor of Tiburon

  56. Sylvia Ross says:

    Dear Jerry,
    Your tumor brought back a flood of memories of my Bruce’s tumor 4 1/2 years ago. I know you are in good hands at CPMC and significant advances are forthcoming in this area of treatment. You are on my mind in my prayers. My very best to you and tell Mary to call me if there is anything I can do to help.

    Sylvia Ross

  57. Jordan Warren says:

    Truly awful news. As Mike so appropriately states in his letter, Jerry is one of a kind, as caring, compassionate and genuine as anyone I’ve ever met. And a fighter for sure. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Jerry.

    The Warren Family

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