Letter #23

Happy Thursday everyone,

My apologies for the delayed letter update this week – let’s get to it:


Brain surgery yesterday was most successful; he came through it with flying colors. Damn if this guy isn’t one tough cat, he’s already been discharged from the hospital setting recovery records for neuro-surgery. His neuro-surgical team at Stanford observed not a single negative from their procedure and their prescribed course of action remains right on track. If this is how Jerry will handle treatment, it’s encouraging. The outpouring of love for Jerry from all the various communities he’s touched over the years hasn’t been surprising to anyone who knows him but the sheer magnitude has nevertheless been incredible – very inspiring. Don’t forget to stay in touch with him and the rest of his supporters at www.CaringBridge.org – just type in “Jerry Pang” and click “visit”.


It seems wrong to even mention Club matters in the same letter as a Jerry update but he would not have it any other way, so away we go. The Board met last week for their May meeting and we covered a number of important Club items. We had a guest secretary for the session and she took the minutes in expert form; they should be posted on the Club website shortly. A big thank you to Valerie Behrendt for volunteering on the spur of the moment – that was huge.

A first order of business was on how to proceed in light of Jerry’s illness. The Board decided, for the time being, to cut a path for the Club that assumed the best for Jerry and that he would be back at the helm in a relatively brief period of time. Both the Board and Jerry have immense confidence in the Directors Jerry has put in place to handle the Club’s day-to-day operations and we decided to put the Club in their hands allowing for a weekly all-director’s meeting with a Board liaison without putting a timeframe for this condition into place at this time.

The Board also decided to delay beginning the ballot process regarding the lower court project. It was the one item we felt the management team didn’t need the additional burden of handling at this time. We’ll pick it up again this summer when Jerry is back. The ballot is planned to be digital-only; member travel during the summer shouldn’t greatly affect an electronic ballot process.

The next meeting topic was member behavior. Letter #21 touched on that and boy, did it hit a nerve. The response was almost universal – don’t use a hammer; use two! A couple of Board members have volunteered to steer a Code of Conduct Policy for TPC and an accompanying enforcement policy. Expect to see more on this in June and then it will be time to kick butt and take names (while praying they’re not the names of my kids – Oh Dear God!)

What else? We’re instituting Third Thursday’s beginning in June and running throughout the year. The third Thursday is each month will be an adult-only night at the club. The response to that idea has been overwhelming too, so here we go. Third Thursday’s will be wine tastings, pop-up dinners with guest chefs, a speaker-series, bridge and poker (at the same time?) and anything else any of you think you’d like to attend and more importantly lead. Most of these kinds of events will be rsvp only – open to the whole club but not on the night of the event. We need a leader for each month’s event, these events will not happen spontaneously without someone doing a little catalyzing. Stay tuned.

Anything else – yes, one more thing. Bus your own tables. Bus your own tables? Heavens, why? Because we can and because we should – frankly, we must. As members I want each and every one of you to know that when I’m a pig and leave my mess around the club for someone else to clean up, I’m costing you, each of you, real money. How much you may ask – well, tens of thousands of dollars per year. I kid you not. Our F&B Director believes he needs half of his front of the house staff each day just to deliver food and clean up tables afterwards – inside and out. Remember, we brought the F&B budget back in house this year and decided to run it as a service instead of as a stand alone, profitable business unit (see earlier letters). We lowered menu prices while trying to maintain very high food standards. Staffing expenses are high, especially when they mismatch with weather (unavoidable) and more especially when half the staff is cleaning up after ourselves. Let’s lose less money in the Bar & Grill – let’s take care of ourselves. Hear it now – we bus our own tables now and until further notice. If you see someone mess in the Bar & Grill, on the patio or around the pool or courts, please remind him or her that they are wasting our money – it’s just that plain and simple.

I hope you have a good week (oops – weekend).

All the best,



  1. Annelies Atchley says:

    Dear Mike, Thank you for all the help, the hard work and the care you and the board are taking to make this the best club ever. If I can help or contribute anything, let me know.
    Annelies Atchley “6011

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