Letter # 24

Happy Tuesday everyone,

I know you’ve grown accustomed to seeing these letters on Mondays (except of course last Thursday) but I withheld this week’s letter until today because there was an open item taking place at the Club that wasn’t settled until now. Let me explain:

Our Club is availing its fitness facility to Team USA45 – an American youth sailing team (ages 19-24) this summer as part of a community effort to support and promote our highest caliber young American sailors. On May 15, the Town of Tiburon voted to make our town the official home of Team USA (http://usa45racing.com/2013/05/16/tiburon-named-official-home-of-team-usa45-racing-challenger-for-the-2013-red-bull-youth-americas-cup/). The Tiburon Peninsula Club has been asked to provide the team access to its fitness facility, and the other clubs in the community are availing other assets of theirs to the boys.

The Red Bull Youth America’s Cup race precedes the America’s Cup race in September and consists of 11 international teams. In the world of international sailing – this is it, there’s nothing bigger in team sailing. These boys are America’s best: http://usa45racing.com/.

The team consisting of 9 young men will conduct their dry-land team workouts at TPC on weekdays from 6:30 am until approximately 8:30 am. They’ll use the weight room and the group exercise room when it’s not in use and will not use the aerobic exercise equipment (bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, etc.). They’ll have access to the locker room and for the few who may swim, access to a pool lane provided no members are there. All of these young men have grown up around yacht clubs all their lives – they know how to behave in a private club environment. While there are no team workouts on weekends, each athlete is responsible for at least one workout on their own each weekend. They have been asked to stagger their workouts amongst themselves on weekends so that we don’t experience capacity constraints during the busier weekend times.

At some point this summer as the America’s Cup race approaches and you’ve run into these boys at the gym we’ll have a meet and greet with the team to allow members to get the know the team better and to show our appreciation for their accomplishments.

The boys begin their training tomorrow. If this feels like short notice, it’s because it is. I had a first call with this group yesterday and gathered the Board electronically last night. The board voted unanimously to extend ourselves to the team and to the broader Tiburon community.

That about covers it for our sailing discussion; let’s talk bowling. No, just kidding but I do want to cover another item I forgot to mention from our most recent Board meeting. Please mark your calendars for a year-end, Board sponsored, holiday bash the weekend before Thanksgiving. Really? Yes, the weekend before Thanksgiving; most of you will be around and it shouldn’t conflict with private holiday events after Thanksgiving. Please plan on coming Saturday, November, 23rd – Save the Date.

Until next Monday (yeah, right)

All the best,


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