Letter #27

Happy Monday everyone,

Embarrassment; the result of a completely public blunder, I’ll take it deservedly. In an effort to increase communication and transparency between the Board and its membership the announcement of the return of the adult locker room’s no children rule was rushed to the market. The execution was horrific; Directors and staff were not warned and provisions were not taken to replace a Club courtesy that, for some members, was being taken away. I apologize to members who have felt put out and to the staff; especially the staff on the front lines who have had to suffer the vitriol of the affected members.

Parents with young children at the pool need alternatives to the adult locker rooms. Immediate attention is being given to the family bathroom across from the life-guard office and to the bathroom immediately off the kiddie-pool. The Boys and Girls locker rooms will be getting upgrades this week as well. Towels, toiletries, lighting and cleanliness will be ramped up immediately. Changing stalls will be added too but that will require more than a few days to install.

All the best,



  1. I love children having taught children for over 20 years, but I appreciate an adult space. Thank you for enforcing the club rules and creating an environment for all members – young, middle, getting a little older, and the rest of us.

  2. Natalie McCullough says:

    I will join the chorus of people who are dismayed by this change. Parents with young children should be able to continue to use the adult locker room. This is a ridiculous change that seems to harm an important membership group in a big way. My children are no longer young enough to need to accompany me to the locker room, but when they were, this was an important part of our ritual at the club.

  3. Please hang the soap and shampoo containers lower in the kids locker room. They can’t reach it!

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