Letter #29

Happy Monday everyone,

The purpose of these weekly (-ish) letters is to improve your Club’s communication with you, the membership. Your response to last week’s letter suggests we may be making some progress on the communication front. You provided two very clear messages last week; “…do not expand our membership rolls” and “… we have no interest in wine tasting or at least not your wine tasting evening”.

The first message is very straightforward, 100% of the members who responded strongly urged for no increase in the number of members in our Club at this time. I guess we don’t have to worry about this becoming an issue; it’s off the table. The second message does cause me to scratch my head a little. The weekly letter goes out to about 1000 email addresses and last week’s letter ended with an invitation to a wine tasting event on this month’s Third Thursday, July 18. We got one single RSVP. This month’s Third Thursday event is now officially canceled due to lack of interest. I’ll go back to the drawing board for August but would sure like to know why this one bombed so badly – any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated.

Let’s shift gears and give you an update on a few of the ongoing projects around your club:

New Phone System

As you may already know, the Club changed phone systems at the end of May switching to Comcast. The motivation was to save money and when the system is fully installed and operational we’ll save a lot of it. However, the installation has been a nightmare. The Comcast engineers completely misjudged our system requirements which led to telephone and messaging malfunction for the past month. I’ve had pretty good visibility into this project and can tell you that our management team did a good job describing the Club needs during the initial planning stages of this project. Comcast wishes to extend their sincerest apologies for the inconvenience they have caused, particularly to the fitness team and the members they serve. We are hoping, with fingers crossed unfortunately, that the project completes this week. We’ll see.


Our new software backbone is called ClubSoft and we began using it on April 1. Hopefully that doesn’t prove to be a curse date but the jury remains out. The financial package portion of the suite works fine, the reservation process (tennis, swim, and fitness sessions) remains a work in progress. We’re turning up the heat on ClubSoft engineers this week to build solutions that allow our members to reserve and be properly billed for the activities they want to pursue through a simple online experience. We don’t think we’re far away but unfortunately we’re not there yet. The last yard is often the toughest.

Kitchen Project

We’ve signed the contracts and paid the deposits to begin redesigning the kitchen and back patio area (behind the kitchen) in order to most efficiently utilize every square inch we can in order to make the kitchen more functional and within code for the demands put on it. We’ll have more to report on that later this week.

Fencing On the West Lawn

If left unsupervised, we’ve noticed a number of children playing on the hill on the western property line at the edge of the great lawn beyond the Bar and Grill patio and the playground area. As a safety consideration we’ve considered running a fence along the entire length of that property line from Mar West up to a point parallel with the corner of Court One and then turning 90° to meet the corner of Court One. This is no easy project; besides being unsightly it is also extremely expensive. The lowest bid we’ve gotten so far is $17,000. Do we really need a fence there? While still under consideration, we will place signage with warnings and ask parents to please instruct their children to stay off the hill.

There are a few other projects underway; Boys/Girls locker room upgrade, an upper/lower court camera monitoring project, lobby redesign, etc. These remain underway and you’ll get updates as they progress in the future.

That’s all for now, hope you all have a great week and don’t hesitate to throw in your $.02 – it’s invaluable.

All the best,



  1. linda and Chris Moscone says:

    Hello Mr. President. Love your newsletters ! To give a quick answer in regards to the wine tasting event- the 3rd thursday… July is tough, folks take the family vacation or if they are really lucky they take themselves and leave the kids at camp or whatever. We are lucky enough to be members from way back and I still remember that July was slow and my kids were off at various camps. My guess is that in August you will have a much better turnout after families are back to the normal routine of school on session. Best regards- The Moscone family (currently on vacation :-)

  2. Keith Ogden says:

    Thanks Mike. Three things: first, I am probably as target market as you could get for a wine tasting event at the TPC. Even if I was not going to be out of town, I would not have come to this event. Why? Too complicated for a first time event. (In my experience, you have to pre-sell this type of thing by getting 4 or 5 key folks to sign up to do it and then recruit.) If you want to do a wine tasting, have a wine distributor set up a tasting of either three or four example wines of brands they carry or for a complete portfolio of all the varietals of a single vintner. If you make it a sponsored tasting with the wines available at a nice discount to members, you will satisfy the need for easy, the offer of something with a bit of rarity or exclusivity and you will see who shows up for wine oriented events for future recruiting.
    Second: fencing is not necessary and it is ugly. But unless you are going to come up with someway to penalize parents for allowing their kids to destroy the hillside, then it may be the only option.
    Finally, maybe you should explain to Comcast that you expect them to give every TPC member a free month of cable service as compensation!


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