Letter #30

Happy Monday everyone,

There isn’t much to write about this week; we’re mid-stream on a number of projects not requiring any decisions presently or with much to report on; kitchen upgrade, dining area refurbishment, children’s locker rooms, the lower court area of the property, the walkway between the fitness building and court #3 – to name a few. There will be much more to talk about in the coming few weeks as planning concludes and implementation decisions are at hand.

On the social front, thanks to those who commented on last week’s cancelled wine tasting debacle for our July Third Thursday. Time of year and complicated format led the list of reasons for the near zero interest. No one had the courage to report the real culprit but just in case, Mark, our F&B Director, will be taking the lead on this from now on. That should help a lot (I knew it). There will be an August Third Thursday and Mark is bringing in a Paella Pro – group cooking and eating on the patio with drink specials and some entertainment to boot. Mark your calendars – August 15th.

In last week’s letter a few readers responded that they thought I was too quick to decide to take expanding the membership roll off the table based on a dozen negative email responses the week before. Fair enough – we’ll take a formal survey once most are back from vacation in September and if there’s a pulse we’ll consider putting it up to an official member vote in the fall. I still think this think will be DOA but we’ll let the survey say.

That’s all here – I hope you have a great week to go along with your new soft-serve ice cream cone at the Bar & Grill (they’re terrific!).

All the best,


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