Letter #32

Happy Monday everyone,

No “letter” this week. The first of what I envision to be several very brief electronic surveys will follow in the coming days as touched upon in last week’s letter.

A few housekeeping items however:

I. Don’t forget to sign up for August’s Third Thursday event this week (8/15). It’s paella night this month with dollar margarita’s and sangria and entertainment on the patio. The paella is our guest chef’s specialty and he’ll prepare it in an open kitchen forum in a giant pot out on the patio with everyone as he goes. It should be fun. Please note – there will be no walkin’s (member or guest) – you have to RSVP in order to participate. Please notify Mark, our F&B director at markk@tiburonpc.org.

II. To the lovely woman changing her 2yr old’s diaper out on the patio table last in the afternoon last week – please don’t. If this is an act of defiance in response to the adult only locker room policy, there’s a better tack and please use the proper facilities for that. If this is because you’re sleeping and didn’t give it any thought or you think it’s perfectly fine … come on, wake up!

Have a great week everyone.

All the best,


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