Letter #37

Good morning,

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a delightful holiday break. This week’s note will be brief and unfortunately, rather somber; apologies in advance.

Please consider joining us for a Town Hall style membership meeting this Thursday, 1/9/14 at 7pm in the dining room. This will be the pre-ballot meeting required before a membership vote is taken. We’ll discuss the measures on the ballot coming later this month.

A long standing and beloved member of our TPC tennis family, Rick Goldman, lost his life partner, Dan, to lung cancer last Sunday. It is tragic news, something one is never really prepared for. Dan is being laid to rest in his hometown in Oregon this week. Rick is there now and is being supported by members of his family and those of Dan’s. A memorial service will be held for local friends and family of Dan’s later this month in South San Francisco. Details will be forthcoming.

Please join me with your prayers and thoughts for Rick during this very difficult time for him; he is a very special person indeed.

All the best,



  1. Rick Cattell says:

    I will be out of town for Thursday’s town hall meeting. My feedback on the ballot and upcoming dues increase is this: Let’s use some of the new member’s initiation fees to put in solar electric or solar water heating instead of making more club expansions. That way, we probably won’t have to increase dues. Because the board has separated “capital” from “operating” expenses, solar is the only way I see to reduce our monthly budget. Or we could pay off our loan.

    Many of the proposed improvements (e.g. lighting and additional tennis courts) actually increase our monthly expenses, in contrast.

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