Letter #38

Happy Monday everyone,

Just a quick note today to remind everyone that there is a Board of Governor’s meeting this week on Wednesday, 1/15, beginning at 6:45 pm (no typo, 6:45 pm). All Board meetings are open forums for any member to attend as is the case for every Committee Meeting around your Club. One of the Board’s New Year’s initiatives is to get more members involved in the governance of their own Club. The Committee process is what our Club is built on. This may sound vaguely familiar to you. We embraced this initiative in 2013 as well and unfortunately, it was a glaring failure of mine. We’ll see if I can’t have more success with that this year.

Under the heading of meeting announcements – there will be another Town Hall style, member-wide, teach-in, on Sunday, 1/26, at 1pm (come for lunch) to discuss your Club’s operations and finances in advance of the membership ballot going out on 1/27.

The Club hosted a Special Pre-Ballot meeting last Thursday night as is required by the Club By-Laws in advance of any member vote (you can view the notice that was sent out to members here); a few shy of 10 members attended. A common theme brought up around the room Thursday night was – “we don’t have the information”. A few members voiced their desire to see; the balance sheet, the income statement, club utilization rates, capital spending plans, and a list of common financial ratios along with the specifics of our debt structure. I actually thought most of the financial statements were already up on the Club website – wrong. We’ll make the correction this week. Aaron, our Club comptroller (among other hats he wears), will put all the spreadsheets the Board receives each month along with the most recent audited financial statements and the auditor’s report on our protected website this week. As for our Club’s debt situation, please see PresLetter #15 and several others regarding our financial circumstances: letters #2, #4 and #34 to name a few.

The Club is right in front of a series of important initiatives and you will be asked to support them by voting “yes” on the upcoming ballot. We don’t expect anyone who isn’t completely informed about the Club’s past, current, and anticipated future financial circumstances to say “yes”. The teach-in meeting on Sunday, January 26 at 1 pm may be one way for you to gain that information; won’t you please consider joining us? Thank you.

I hope you have a great week.

All the best,



  1. Alex rodriguez says:

    Life’s been a little unkind. . And cancer has taken and attacked too many this year. Our thoughts are with Rick and Dans family.
    Although we never met Dan except through Rick. He prayed for my son, Steven when he was in treatment with a very rare brain cancer and offered to donate blood to him during a shortage. And he baked a cake for us after our son passed in October while he himself was battling his own cancer. He walked with us on this journey and helped carry us. And we will always be grateful. He touched our hearts.
    Alex Rafael Matthew Michael and (Steven) Rodriguez

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