Letter #40

Happy Monday everyone,

It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me; I’m sorry for the radio silence and the almost compete lack of attention your Club has received from me since the first of February; not great for your President. I ran into a personal health buzzsaw that required most of my attention for these past 6 weeks and my outside interests suffered: family, work, TPC, coaching. However, the snafu is in the rearview mirror now and I can get back on track and devote the necessary time to these areas.

As February arrived for the Club, we were right on track to begin the member ballot concerning some of the capital spending we want to be allowed to judiciously undertake over the next 5 yrs; kitchen/dining, south property project, and a food minimum were all scheduled for the ballot. We had conducted two pre-ballot meetings (when only 1 is required by the Club By-Laws) and the ballot is, by rule, supposed to follow within 20 days of the meeting. Our window has closed. While this isn’t the English Parliament, there are procedures stipulated by the By-Laws that make sense to follow. We need to get the ballot window open again, so we’re scheduling another Pre-Ballot, Town-Hall format meeting for Tuesday, 4/1 at 6pm – that’s 16 days from now and in compliance with By-Law Rule. The ballot will be sent out the following day, April 2nd (the irony does not escape me). This new membership ballot will be electronic, sent to member’s email address if that is how they receive their monthly bill currently. The 40 or so members who receive their mail by traditional USPS hard copy will receive their ballot this way as well. If you would like to change your ballot from electronic to hard copy, please call member services (415-789-7900) and let them know. If you miss this letter or miss the Monday Weekly Newsletter, there will be signage in the Club foyer giving you another reminder if you so wish.

There is a member who has stated that an electronic ballot, despite the provisions for such in the Club’s By-Laws is not permissible according to CA non-profit law. We’ve checked with counsel and we are in full compliance to offer this ballot electronically provided we allow for those choosing the different delivery mechanism.

That’s all for now – let’s get this thing going.

All the best,


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