Letter #41

Happy Monday everybody,

We had our monthly Board meeting last week with the primary subject being; get the vote out. I guess it has taken an embarrassingly long time to get this vote out. I’ll take the hit on this; it is my fault since I told the others I’d handle it. Please do not hold other Board members responsible for the slow execution on this so far. When the voting window was open in February, I got distracted and missed the opportunity – as I said in last week’s letter; my apologies.

The Board decided to form an action committee regarding the vote with Park Allen, Brian Bank, Paul Bressie, Nancy Shapiro and me comprising it. This Sub-Committee’s goal is to execute as timely and effective a vote, in accordance with the Club By-Laws, as possible. The Club By-Laws regarding a Member Vote are very specific. If you’re curious, they are laid out explicitly here.

In accordance with the By-Laws, three Inspectors of the Election have volunteered (or been volunteered as might be the case). They are Peter Winkler, David Holscher and Ben Kilgore; all past officers of the Club. Thank you gentlemen.

As the vote approaches, please remember, only regular members in good standing (their bill is current), are allowed to vote – one vote per regular member household. Seniors do not vote.

As I wrote last week, there will be a third pre-ballot, town-hall format, meeting next Tuesday evening (4/1) at 6pm. This is a formality but we need to host one in order to re-start the clock in-order to send everyone a vote. Again, for the curious, see the By-Laws. The official vote will commence on Wednesday, 4/2, after the meeting.

There are provisions in the By-Laws to allow for “Statements to Accompany the Ballots”. The Board received no statements following either of the first two pre-ballot meetings and we’ll consider the window still open for “Statements” until the morning after the third pre-ballot meeting next week. Again, another formality but for the curious – see the By-Laws.

That’s all for now. I know this one has been a little dry and lifeless but since my apologies are dripping all over it, I’ll apologize for the dull letter too.

Be well and have a great week.

All the best,


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