Letter #43

Good morning everyone,

Our most recent member vote concluded on April 23rd and our independent (non-board), volunteer, “ballot counting” committee (thank you Ben, David and Peter), got to work tallying the results. The membership passed all three ballot measures. Here are the results:

1. I approve the Kitchen and Bar & Grill Project for completion as proposed.
Yes – 268
No – 82

2. I approve the South Property Improvement Project for completion as proposed.
Yes – 236
No – 114

3. I approve the passage of a $400 annual food minimum-spending requirement.
Yes – 184
No – 166

We had 350 qualified members cast their votes – a 50% participation rate. This is about an order of magnitude more than any vote or survey we’ve seen in recent memory (10yrs) – thank you all for your participation, it’s fantastic. There’s something comforting about seeing that level of engagement by the membership accompanied by, more importantly, the lack of partisanship. Congratulations to all of us as members.

The Food minimum, from the beginning, was the measure we felt would be closest. It’s also the measure that most closely tracks the evolution of the Club. Seven years ago, the measure was voted down by a handful of votes. A few years ago the survey was a dead heat. Today, it passes by 3%. Combine that with the 77% approval of ballot question 1 and we see another clear sign of Club change – the majority of members want a good Food & Beverage experience at their Club. This wasn’t the case only 7 years ago. Change is unavoidable. Acknowledging that and then managing it is one of the most important responsibilities of any Board.

Recall the three factors that accompanied these measures: no dues increase, no assessment, no increase in debt in connection with any of these measures (this should apply to any future cap ex projects – long after this Board is gone but that’s another story). It does mean that these measures will be staged in over time as cash is available and project approvals by the town and county arrive.

New furniture has been ordered for the Bar & Grill and should be here in the June-July timeframe. We believe it’s in the broader membership’s best interest to do kitchen construction, with all its displacement, when member demands wane in the fall. The kitchen project will commence after the Challenger in mid-October and should be completed in less than 90 days.

The food minimum will be implemented but only after the Bar & Grill construction is completed and members feel a little better about being asked to spend their minimum. Think Jan 1 – it will be close.

The most important element of the South Property Project is court lighting. It has a profound effect on wintertime court constraints. We’ll start with seeking approval for the lights first. New courts will be last while the rest of the project will fall into the “as we can” category in the middle.

That’s all for now and for all those who voted … thank you.

Have a great weekend.

All the best,


  1. hugh & ginny tierney says:

    mike-I would also like to know if senior members are exempt since we can not vote.

  2. Sylvan Kline says:

    Are seniors exempt from the food minimum since we had no vote?

  3. Mike – Can I assume that “Senior” members are exempt from the $400/year minimum food charge since we aren’t voting participants?

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