Letter #6

Happy Monday everybody,

There’s a lot to say this week and I didn’t leave enough time to make the publishing deadline today; my apologies. Thank you all very much for your responses to last week’s letter (>50); a new high. It is really helpful to get your input and in the new upgrade to our Club website later this month, we should be able to see everyone’s comments which will make for a nice addition and contribute to a feeling of community. We may even be moving the needle on member engagement; last Thursday night’s Café Committee meeting had 35 people gather to hear about the changes going on in the Café and to voice their opinions on what should happen there in the future. At Wednesday night’s Tennis Committee meeting a member walked in asking “This is open to any Club member, right?”, he walked out as the Committee’s newest member and is now the junior tennis liaison with the Tennis Director – impressive, no?

While I promise you that you won’t be thrown onto a committee by simply showing up, this member is highly qualified for the role, clearly wanted to help and by attending the meeting, became aware of the opportunity to jump in – very nice. Remember, all meetings are open to all members whether you’re on a committee or not (you just can’t vote, unless …). This includes Board meetings, of which there is one tonight – 6:30 pm. The Swim Committee meets this Wednesday at 6:30 pm and after that, it’s Fitness on the 30th at 5:45 pm. Don’t be a stranger.

All right, that’s it for this week. Next up – I’ll fill you in on what people are saying about their club (it’s a compilation exercise that’s a little time consuming in the current incarnation of our website), you’ll get an update on the cafe (model and execution details) and you’ll get the pros and cons of a food minimum. I hope you have a great week.

All the best,

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