Letter #8

Happy Tuesday everyone,

Just two quick topics this week – let’s jump in.

Super Bowl Party

Following last week’s discussion about the Café taking on various personalities, the Café puts on its party suit next Sunday: a Niner’s Uniform! But here’s the rub, we have to sign up ahead of time or all of us are going to be disappointed with the results (no matter who wins the game). If members arrive without signing up there won’t be enough food/beer/staff for everyone to sit back and enjoy the game. There will be lines to wait on for your first beer and no ice cream for the kids after half-time – I’m telling you, it will be a nightmare. Why – because it’s a catered, stand alone, event and not part of the day-to-day F&B operation. If we get an accurate head count and it’s low – fine, no one gets hurt and those members who participate enjoy a slightly more intimate affair (the count is 50 as of today). If 200 people sign-up and 200 show up, no problem, we’ll have the staff, plenty of food/drink and TV’s to finish the night and everyone wins. If 100 sign up and 200 show – it’s a blood bath. Should we close the doors to anyone who doesn’t sign up? Abhorrent? Of course it is and while it’s what I recommend, wiser minds on the Café committee say no. Nevertheless, you see the importance of signing up – here’s my last plea. Pretty please! RSVP to Juliana Moreno at julianai@tiburonpc.org.

Café Start-up

Everyone is happy to hear that Lou is back and will be our bartender from day one. Buddy plans to join us as well but not initially, he is involved with the completion of a construction project and will begin with us in the Spring. Luis, our grill man last year, is onboard. We are actively screening candidates for the Director’s position but Jerry and the Café Committee do not feel rushed even though the Café reopens in 2 weeks. Through February the Café will be open on weekends and then transition to afternoon/eve 5 days/wk before going full time 8 am – 9 pm 7 days/wk in April or May. We expect to have a Director and full staff by then. In the meantime, Lou and Luis can handle the start-up period – no problem.

The Café committee has set the menu for the start-up period and you can view the menu at http://www.tiburonpc.org/files/cafe/2013CafeMenuPrices.pdf. Notice that it’s simple, contains all the staples members have traditionally bought, and if food and preparation standards are kept up (they will be), the menu represents value. There will be no service surcharge or tip jars scattered about but members are encouraged to extend their appreciation to the staff at their discretion when and how they see fit. They work for you – no one else.

That’s all here this week. Next week we’ll cover House & Grounds and keep you abreast of developments on that front. We’ll also look at the food minimum issue and try to understand why is brings up so much passion on both sides of the aisle.

Can I mention one more thing this week? Angry letters. Really? Come on – we’re all trying to keep this simple. We’re just trying to solve some small problems that occasionally get in the way of everyone having more fun. We’re just trying to have fun and not lose a ton of money doing it.

Have a great week.

All the best,

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