Letter #9

Happy Monday Everyone (well, happy-ish anyway),

While the Niner’s comeback fell short on a Super non-call, congratulations have to go out to a number of people who performed Yeoman’s Duty this past week in order to make our Super Bowl party the success that it was – despite the final score. Thank you Jerry for putting in a month’s worth of work last week – you over-executed as usual. Members – thank you for 240 advance sign-ups so that there was plenty of food, no lines of consequence, adequate playground/jumpee oversight and it didn’t cost the club a fortune. Tiburon Lodge – thanks for a solid catering job; the food was on the money surpassed only by the staff you supplied. Lou & Buddy & Staff – thank you – it’s great to have you back.

No letter this week but instead a question. How was the Super Bowl Party for you? (You can leave your comments below.)

All the best,

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