September 16, 2017

Dear Members,

The Fall is busy for us at the TPC. In addition to many Club program kick-offs, we continue to focus on improving the Club Member experience. An update on what’s going on:

How we’re improving Member Experience: Implementation of “Pride & Warmth”

Member survey results and comments show that Members want a higher level of service at the Club. When asked to pay $20,500 to join a club, families expect a high level of service. However, until recently, the Club simply has not invested in the robust systems and processes required for a consistently high level of Member service. Here’s why:

As many of you know, about ten years ago the Club’s facilities underwent a major physical upgrade – one which moved the facility from a “rec center” feel to the “modern club” which stands today. We owe a debt of gratitude to all the Members who helped make it happen; it took great vision and courage to make this change. The enormous transition wasn’t accomplished without much debate, turmoil, and work. It’s important to recognize, however, that while the level of the Club’s physical structures was elevated, the level of service to Members was not consciously raised to match. Instead, facing a very challenging financial situation soon after the upgrade, the Board instructed Club Management to focus on improving the bottom line by controlling costs. As a consequence, the Club’s current Member experience does not (yet!) align with either the Club’s upgraded facility or the expectations generated by a steep initiation fee.

What we’re doing about it: Under Candra Canning’s lead, the CAT (Culture Action Team) has been working to infuse high service standards in our Club’s culture. To that end, CAT has developed new employee training and measurement standards, which they call TPC Pride & Warmth.

TPC Pride & Warmth training is now required for all Staff. “TPC Pride” refers to the values we expect our staff to uphold. “TPC WARMTH” is our service motto, and outlines the level of service Club Staff strives to provide to Members. Going forward, Staff performance will be measured against Pride & Warmth standards. (Note: the recently implemented Happiness Cards program falls under the Pride & Warmth program). Many thanks to the CAT Team – particularly Staff members Juliana Moreno, Kirsten Frazier and Julie Coulston – for developing these programs and to all the Club Directors for implementing them.

General Manager Update

Jerry Pang has been on a medical leave of absence as he heals from back surgery. Nancy Shapiro has been doing an outstanding job in helping manage our Club during Jerry’s absence. We hope Jerry will return to part-time work soon, as his health allows, to focus on some specific projects.

Club Budgeting Challenges

The booming Bay Area economy continues to raise costs across the board, rendering staff recruiting especially challenging. The most recent pain point has been finding lifeguards. In late summer three full-time lifeguard positions opened and our normal recruiting strategy failed to fill them. We learned other Marin clubs are experiencing the same problem, and wages have to rise. As we prepare next year’s budgets, the Board is seeing these kinds of cost pressures across all areas of the Club.

Nominations to fill open Board seats

We are requesting nominations to replace outgoing Members of our Board of Governors. We seek candidates who, together, reflect the full range of needs and perspectives of the Club’s Membership.Experience in management, business, marketing, or finance is desirable. If you are interested, please contact the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Brian Bank (email: or cell: (415) 577-7793). The deadline for submitting a nomination is September 20th.

Master Plan Status

The Master Planning process will kick off the first week of October. Many thanks to the Members stepping up to help on this committee: Abby Harle, Chip Moreland, Matt Chatham, Rick Sichel, Thomas Strobel, Traci Goldman, Elizabeth Wilhelm, Matt Hart, Luis Doffo, Ken Brakebill and Nancy Shapiro. We will be reaching out to the Membership for feedback as the process unfolds.

Status of Lower Tennis Court Project

The Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) is being prepared by the Town. They requested additional information from us, which we are providing. I don’t have an update on the schedule, but will provide one when I do.

Challenger Tournament Returns

The return of the USTA Men’s Pro Circuit Tiburon Challenger professional tennis tournament is an annual highlight for the Club’s tennis community. The Challenger is a prestigious event that not only showcases the Club, but also allows our Members to watch, mingle, and spend court time with rising professionals and top amateurs from around the world.

It is a great community event and a special opportunity to introduce kids to high-level tennis. There will be a free clinic to kids Saturday morning. Players visit local schools and the event donates money to local charities, including the Reed Schools, USTA Norcal Foundation and to the local Rotary Club.

We also recognize that the Challenger does cause some inconvenience to Members. Parking will be tighter and tennis court availability will be lower than usual, particularly next weekend and during the finals weekend, September 30th & October 1st. If you are inconvenienced, please try to remember how much this event means to both your fellow Club members and the community at large.

The Board, Curtis, and I welcome your comments or suggestions.

Best regards,

John Parsons

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