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Tennis Committee Recruitment Policy

Tiburon Peninsula Club
Tennis Committee’s Recruitment Policy
February 28, 2017

Goal of Recruitment Policy:

To provide TPC members the opportunity to play competitively at all League levels by allowing limited recruitment of individuals who are not members of TPC in order to field and maintain competitive League teams while not compromising the private atmosphere desired by the TPC membership at large.

The goal of the Tennis Committee is to fill all teams with qualified TPC members, and use limited recruited players to fill teams as needed. This limited recruiting allows TPC to field competitive rosters at all League levels.

This recruitment policy does not apply to combined teams.

Conditions for recruitment:

1) A core group of TPC members should be present for recruitment to be an option. A core group is comprised of active, dues and assessment paying regular and senior members. Roster spots will be filled with TPC members first, who meet movement criteria, and for USTA, those with the rating of the team being fielded.

2) Once a core group has been established and it is determined by the TPC Tennis Director that recruits are needed, recruitment can occur.

A. At the discretion of the TPC Tennis Director, a team needing to recruit players may invite waitlisted players to participate on appropriate teams while waiting for membership. They will pay the same dues as non-member recruited players, until their membership and assessments begins.

B. Waitlisted players who defer or decline membership (for whatever reason) on or after January 1, 2017, will no longer qualify as a waitlisted player. If said player is a on a roster and defers/declines membership during the course of the season, they will lose all priority play and shall only be played in instances where the Captain needs them to “sub” due to lack of available member players.

C. Waitlisted members who meet conditions A and B will have priority play on a TPC team (equal to members), as long as they meet the criteria for the level of play.

D. At the discretion of the Tennis Director, TPC staff may be offered roster spots in order to fill a team’s roster.

E. All recruits must be approved by the TPC Director of Tennis. The Tennis Committee shall be provided a list of ALL non-member players at the start of each season and have final approval in cases of disagreement between parties.

3) The Captain of any team maintaining non-members on its roster shall play the available TPC members who are at the team’s flight level first. Non-members shall be used only as “subs” if Captains can field a complete line-up of TPC members or active waitlisted players. Priority member play does not apply to members at flight levels beneath that of their team or teammates (as in a 3.0 player playing “up” on a 3.5 team).

4) Captains will need to submit final player rosters, identifying the non-member players, to the TPC Director of Tennis at the beginning of each season.

5) Non-members will be subject to a 30% non-member surcharge for all league fees and lesson fees; eligible non-member player may participate in the appropriate team’s clinic for a non-member surcharge of 30%.

6) Recruited players shall be subject to all Club rules, policies and by-laws regarding but not limited to, team regulations, competition, movement criteria and appropriate level of play.

7) Recruited players will be required to complete a Personal/Emergency Information form, and a TPC Acknowledgement of Risk, Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement that shall be submitted to the TPC Director of Tennis prior to league play.

8) Eligible non-member players shall be considered guests, and pay the daily guest fee, when invited by a member to play outside of organized play. This guest policy is limited to 1x/week per non-member.

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